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  • Rudy Amirkhanian

    | Managing Partner

    A multi-lingual international entrepreneur and advisor who, in his thirty-year career, was involved with 28 start-ups and turnarounds in eight countries including Russia, Iran, Iraq, Tanzania, UAE and Greece in the following sectors: automotive manufacturing, distribution and retail; telecommunication; food processing; organised retail; mineral exploration; financial services; aviation; chemical production and distribution.

    He also advised a number of multi-nationals such as: General Motors on the establishment of a JV with Iran Vanet for the production of the S10 pick-up; AvtoVAZ on the sale of a 25% stake to Renault; Aerospatiale on the establishment of a JV with NPO-PM of Russia for the production of telecommunication satellites; and a major Russian telecom operator on the development of their pan African expansion strategy.

    Rudy completed his Law Degree at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies and studied for an MBA/Troisieme Cycle at Pennsylvania State University (USA) and the Centre d’Etude et Renseignment Applique au Management (France).

  • Rudy Amirkhanian

    Rudy Amirkhanian

    Managing Partner
  • Dale Butcher

    | Non-Executive Director, Delta Auto Group

    Dale has over 15 years of senior executive experience within the automotive industry, with a particular expertise in the emerging markets, in distribution and retail with an emphasis on business development, strategy, M&As and disposals.

    As Group Development Director of Inchcape PLC, Dale performed a number of roles within Group Finance, Strategy and Inchcape Testing.  He is currently a Senior Business Development Advisor to the Frey Group, Switzerland, an advisor to SICP, and an Advisory Board Member for Beyond the Deal, London. He is also Chairman Trustee of the Inchcape Pension Fund Investment and Risk Committee.

    Dale has an MBA from Imperial College London and a BSc in Economics and Statistics from the University of Surrey.

  • Dale Butcher

    Dale Butcher

    Board Member - Non-Executive Director
  • Jean Durand-Ruel

    | Director Middle East & North Africa Operations, SICP

    Jean worked for over eight years at Mazars in Paris, a leading European auditing and financial consulting company. He was subsequently appointed as director of the Mazars office in Budapest, where he structured and developed Mazars' presence, providing services to major international companies such as BNP Paribas, Danone and Bouygues.

    He later joined Iveco Fiat, serving as CFO of the financial companies operating in the CEE region. He took charge of business development for Iveco and Case New Holland for the CEE and Middle East region, before being appointed as CEO for Iveco's financial companies for the CEE, Middle East and International regions.

    Jean has a degree in Fiscal and Private Law from the Pantheon-Assas University in Paris. He has a DESCF in Accounting & Finance and studied the history of art at l'Ecole du Louvre.

  • Jean Durand-Ruel

    Jean Durand-Ruel

    Board Member
  • Jukka Härmälä

    | Chairman, Delta Motor Group

    Jukka's vast experience in Nordic industry and proactive Board work has made him a widely respected business advisor and Board member for some of the most the successful companies in Finland.

    Jukka was the former CEO of Finland's largest pulp and paper company, Stora Enso Oyj, and served as Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and COO.

    He was a member of the board of management of Kansallis-Osake-Pankki, a predecessor of Nordea Bank, and was also the first Chairman of the Board of the newly established CapMan.

    Jukka sits on the Boards of several leading companies including: Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company, as Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Chairman of the Board for Farmos Oy, Chairman of the Board for the TT Foundation and acting Senior Advisor for CapMan. In addition he is a member of the Board of the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy.

    Jukka has a BSc. Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Helsinki School of Economics and has received an honorary doctorate degree in Engineering and Economics.

  • Jukka Härmälä

    Jukka Härmälä

    Chairman, Delta Motor Group
  • Chris Lacey

    | Non-Executive Director, Delta Auto Group

    Chris has 40 years of experience in the automotive industry having served, in numerous executive positions, during his distinguished and uninterrupted career with General Motors / Vauxhall & Opel, in the UK, Germany, Russia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

    As Marketing Director of Vauxhall Motors in England, Chris was responsible for the implementation of the highly successful 'Network Q' strategy for used vehicles as well as the introduction of the 'GM Credit Card' into the UK market, and the launch of several new Vauxhall models. Chris also secured the 'Network Q' sponsorship of the International UK Rally, and managed Vauxhall's race and rally teams.

    Chris was appointed as General Commercial Director for Opel Southeast Europe and established GME's first cluster operation in Europe with 9 countries being run from GM in Budapest, and initiated a drive to sell vehicles manufactured in Hungary, to China.

    As General Commercial Director of GM CIS, Chris oversaw activities and the rapid growth of 5 GM brands in Russia, and was a team member of the joint venture project established between GM and AvtoVaz.

    Chris then served as Executive Director, Central & Eastern Europe General Motors Europe, responsible for the management of GM's brands in those markets, which included Opel and Chevrolet. The region had 800 GM dealer locations across 29 countries including: Poland, Russia and Turkey, and Chris was recognized by 'Automotive News Europe' as a 'Eurostar' and received the 'Autobest Jury' award 'ManBest', for services to the industry.

    Chris was appointed as Executive Director for International & Commercial Vehicle Operations Opel/Vauxhall in 2009, responsible for managing Opel's business outside of Europe supplying products and components to over 30 countries. He was also responsible for several aspects of the Opel Light Commercial Vehicle Operations including: program management, sales & marketing, and the joint ventures and partner relationships with other manufacturers. 
 Chris retired from the General Motors organisation in 2010 and returned to the UK after several years abroad.  

  • Chris Lacey

    Chris Lacey

    Board Member - Non-Executive Director
  • Jari Lepisto

    | Managing Director of Retail

    Jari has over 20 years of experience in sales, finance and project management. He was Managing Director of Vianor AB, in Sweden, where he ran their tyre chain operations with 56 outlets and a retreading factory. As Country Manager for Sweden he coordinated the Swedish operations of Nokian Tyres plc, and guided the maximization of the synergy of the two organisations.

    As Regional Director for Nokian North America he was responsible for country results, improving profitability through focusing on key product groups, key processes and working closely with leading retailers such as Kal Tire.

    Prior to joining Delta, Jari was Managing and Retail Business Director of Vianor Oy’s tyre and car service chain of operations in Finland and responsible for global retail operations.

    Jari has received his MSc from the University of Vaasa and has an eMBA in International Marketing from the University of Lappeenranta.

  • Jari Lepisto

    Jari Lepisto

    Managing Director of Retail
  • Elena Lokteva

    | Partner

    Elena was formerly the CFO and a member of the Board for AvtoAgregate (a public company manufacturing components for the automotive industry) and Trinity Automotive Group (a distributor and retailer of cars and leisure craft throughout the FSU). Elena also held the position of CFO for SigmaPlast, the Russian distributor for GE Plastics and IHG Russia, a leading logistics provider to the automotive industry across Europe.

    She has particular expertise in corporate accounting and finance, tax planning and legal structuring and the structuring and execution of M&A transactions. Her skills were instrumental in the groups acquisition, restructuring and successful transformation of Delta Motor Group and Mercury Technology.

    Elena is certified as a CPA in the USA and as an auditor by the Russian Ministry of Finance, and holds degrees in Accounting & Audit, and Engineering.

  • Elena Lokteva

    Elena Lokteva

  • Mari Onkamo

    | CFO, Delta Motor Group Oy

    Mari has held senior positions in a number of prestigious firms, including, as an auditor at Deloitte & Touche Oy, and Manager of the Transaction Advisory Services of PricewaterhouseCoopers in both Finland and Ireland. She also led larger due diligence projects for both international and national clients as a Partner at Ernst & Young Oy.

    Mari holds a Masters in Economics from the University of Lapland and is an Authorised Public Accountant.

  • Mari Onkamo

    Mari Onkamo

    CFO, Delta Motor Group Oy
  • Alexander Orlov

    | Partner, Chief Legal Officer

    Alexander has over a decade of experience in the leading Russian dairy producer Wimm-Bill-Dann.

    He oversaw all legal aspects in relation to syndicated loan structuring, the sale and buy-back of a series of bond issues by Wimm-Bill-Dann, the sale of 18% of the company to Danone and the ultimate sale to PepsiCo (the single largest deal in the Russian beverage segment).

    He joined SI-CP after the sale of Wimm-Bill-Dan to PepsiCo, and has been Chief Legal Officer of the group since that time.

    Alexander is also a Board Member of SI Retail and SI Foods.

    He is a graduate of Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (management in automated systems) and of Moscow State Institute of International Relations (International Law).

  • Alexander Orlov

    Alexander Orlov

    Partner, Chief Legal Officer
  • Miska Tammelin

    | Head of Imports

    Miska has over 15 years of experience in automotive sales across Finland, the Baltic countries and the Western regions of Russia. Prior to joining the automotive sector, Miska spent 3 years as Controller and Program Manager in Austria and Hungary overseeing various telecom projects for the Nokia Group.

    As Vice President (sales) of Simetron Group Oy, Miska was responsible for Suzuki car sales in Finland, the Baltics and Russia. During this time he managed import contract negotiations and launched operations for Isuzu in Finland and the Baltics. His responsibilities also included merging Hyundai’s Import operations for Finland and the Baltics and the restructuring of Hyundai retail operations in the Baltics.

    Before joining Delta, Miska, as CEO of Hyundai Motor Finland and Hyundai Motor Baltic was responsible for all Hyundai car, service parts and accessory operations in those regions.

    Miska received his MSc from the university of Technology in Helsinki.

  • Miska Tammelin

    Miska Tammelin

    Head of Imports
  • Matti Vuoria

    | Board Member Delta Motor Group Oy

    Matti has held various senior posts in government, including as Secretary General of the Ministry of Trade & Industry and Counselor to the Trade Policy Department at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Prior to joining the Board of Delta, Matti was CEO and President, from 2004 until 2013, of Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company, the largest pensions and insurance company in Finland. During his prestigious career, he has been a member of the board of Nordic Investment Bank, and has acted as Executive Chairman of the Board of the Fortum Corporation, Chairman of the Finnish Tourist Board, Chairman of the Board of Nokian Tyres plc, and Chairman of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce, to name but a few.

    Matti is currently a serving member of the Supervisory Board of the Scout Foundation of Finland and of the Finnish National Opera and Chairman of the Board of the renowned Kunsthalle Helsinki Foundation Museum.

    Matti holds the military rank of Captain, and his decorations include, Commander of the Order of the Finnish White Rose and Commander of the Swedish Order of the North Star. He is presently the Chairman of the Defense Guilds’ Federation of Finland. His honours include, Foreign Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, and Honorary member of the Finnish Border Guard and the Finnish Drug Ambulance Society.

    Matti received a BA from the University of Oulu and an LL.M from the University of Turku and is a Barrister-at Law.

  • Matti Vuoria

    Matti Vuoria

    Board Member Delta Motor Group Oy
  • Yuri Zektser

    | Chairman

    Yuri has particularly impressive credentials within the financial and industrial sectors and is an advisor to the Chairman of VneshEkonomBank, the Russian government's development bank. He was also a Board Member of NTB (National Trading Bank) a regional corporate and retail bank, prior to its sale to Globex Bank.

    Formerly the MD of AVVA, one of the first investment companies in Russia, he was also a long serving Board Member for a number of high profile organisations, including AvtoVAZ, Russia's leading automobile manufacturer, where he was responsible for strategic development.

    Yuri has effected several significant M&A acquisitions within Russia and Europe, most notably, the acquisition of a 40% stake in NTB by VneshEkonomBank. He played a pivotal role in creating the GM-AvtoVAZ-EBRD joint venture, the merger of EuroLada GmbH and DeutscheLada GmbH, and the joint venture between AvtoVAZ and Valmet Automotive for vehicle production in Finland.

    During his initial career in steel production, Yuri was a metallurgical engineer in charge of establishing a number of plants in both Russia and India.

    Yuri is Chairman of the SI-CP as well as being a Board Member of Delta Motor Group and Executive Aircraft Sales.

    Yuri holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Leningradsky State Mining Institute.

  • Yuri Zekster

    Yuri Zektser