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  • Maxim Anatolievich Shuvalov

    | CEO

    Maxim served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR and Russian Federation, in the Department of International Economic Organizations of the United Nations and the Department of International Economic Cooperation and Development.

    He also served as a director for business development and investments for several private companies before being appointed as Managing Director of Resources and Technologies Ltd, a Russian company providing consultancy services to the energy and mining sectors, with a focus on the production and supply of refractory metals.

    As Chairman of Rexwell Mining and Managing director of OMC Resources, he is engaged in several exploration and mining projects. He has been a resident of Tanzania since 2007.

    Maxim graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR (Economics Faculty).

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    Maxim Anatolievich Shuvalov

  • Col. Ameen Kashmiri

    | Government Relations Officer

    Aside from his distinguished military career, Colonel Ameen has been involved in the formation and operation of several transport, airfrieght and mining companies in Tanzania.

    Upon his retirement from the TPDF (Tanzania Peoples' Defence Force) he was appointed as Managing Director of the Tanzanian Sugar Development Corporation and advised on an Indian company's acquisition of South Korean mining interests in Tanzania.

    He serves on the board of Yellowstone, a JV with Resolute of Australia, as well as Rexwell Mining and OMC Resource.

    He attended Sandhurst Royal Military Academy.

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    Col. Ameen Kashmiri

    Government Relations Officer
  • Dmitry Razorenov

    | Managing Partner

    Dmitry's expertise focuses on the mining and private equity arena, having executing various investment projects in Russia and Africa.

    He is a Partner of Arlan (a private equity firm with gold and diamond interests in Russia and infrastructure projects in Africa) and formerly the Senior VP of VTB (a leading corporate, investment and retail bank in Russia).

    Dmitry initially developed his knowledge of private equity as Deputy Managing Director of AVVA (a Russian investment company established in the early 1990s). At AvtoVAZ Group, where he was on the Board of Directors, he was responsible for strategy development, investor relations and strategic partnerships.

    He has executed a number of highly successful mining M&A transactions, notably the sale of the Pogromnoe (Chita region) and Tabornoe (Yakutia region) gold mines to Severstal Resource and a joint venture with RusAtom for mining uranium in Africa.

    Dmitry is a Board Member of Dodoni, Executive Aircraft Sales and the IAL Group.

    He holds a Diploma in International Relations from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and a Diploma in Financial Management from the Moscow Financial Academy.

  • Dmitry Razorenov

    Dmitry Razorenov

    Managing Partner
  • Michail Vladimirovich Dubinin

    | Partner, Board Member SICP& S

    Michail was engaged in the prospecting of uranium deposits for Sosnovgeologia (Irkutsk).

    He served as chief geologist of Arkhangelskgeologia, where he was involved in the prospecting and exploration of diamonds at the Lomonossov deposit.

    He was employed by several private companies, to supervise their prospecting of various gold deposits.

    At present he is engaged in various projects in Africa, predominantly, Tanzania, prospecting for niobium-phosphate, gold, copper and complex gold-platinum ores.

    Michail Dubinin is chief geologist of Rexwell Mining and OMC Resources.

    He graduated from the Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute.

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    Michail Dubinin

    Partner, Board Member SICP & S