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  • Emad Sharghi

    | Executive-in-charge, MENA Operations

    Emad brings with him over 20 years of sales & marketing experience in the Middle East, USA and Far East.

    Prior to joining the SI-CP team as Head of MENA Operations, CEO of Executive Aircraft Sales, and Board member for SI Retail, Emad implemented a number of turnkey manufacturing projects in the Middle East in the dairy and bottled water sector.

    As a founder of Dubex Group in the United States, Emad represented major American petrochemical companies, distributing their products in and around MENA. In 2001, he co-founded Sigmaplast GmbH and Sigmaplast Russia, as the exclusive distributors for General Electric's Plastics Division.

    He has an in-depth understanding of the cultural and business imperatives of working with HNWIs in the Middle East.

    Emad has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Maryland and a Masters of Science in Information Systems from George Washington University.

  • Emad Sharghi

    Emad Sharghi

    Executive-in-charge, MENA Operations
  • Rudy Amirkhanian

    | Managing Partner

    A multi-lingual international entrepreneur and advisor who, in his thirty-year career, was involved with 28 start-ups and turnarounds in eight countries including Russia, Iran, Iraq, Tanzania, UAE and Greece in the following sectors: automotive manufacturing, distribution and retail; telecommunication; food processing; organised retail; mineral exploration; financial services; aviation; chemical production and distribution.

    He also advised a number of multi-nationals such as: General Motors on the establishment of a JV with Iran Vanet for the production of the S10 pick-up; AvtoVAZ on the sale of a 25% stake to Renault; Aerospatiale on the establishment of a JV with NPO-PM of Russia for the production of telecommunication satellites; and a major Russian telecom operator on the development of their pan African expansion strategy.

    Rudy completed his Law Degree at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies and studied for an MBA/Troisieme Cycle at Pennsylvania State University (USA) and the Centre d’Etude et Renseignment Applique au Management (France).

  • Rudy Amirkhanian

    Rudy Amirkhanian

    Managing Partner
  • Alexei Gretchikhine

    | Head of Russian Operations

    Alexei has been involved in various aviation projects both in Russia and internationally. In 1993, he established the first online resource dedicated to Russian aviation, and his knowledge of this sector is instrumental to EAS's research. He has worked on R&D projects in the USA, Belgium and the Netherlands, and has developed a strong professional network within the industry, enabling him to provide accurate and timely information to the EAS sales and management teams. Alexei has a PhD from Bowling Green State University in the USA and a BSc from Mendeleev University in Moscow.

  • Alexei Gretchikhine

    Alexei Gretchikhine

    Head of Russian Operations
  • Elena Lokteva

    | Partner

    Elena was formerly the CFO and a member of the Board for AvtoAgregate (a public company manufacturing components for the automotive industry) and Trinity Automotive Group (a distributor and retailer of cars and leisure craft throughout the FSU). Elena also held the position of CFO for SigmaPlast, the Russian distributor for GE Plastics and IHG Russia, a leading logistics provider to the automotive industry across Europe.

    She has particular expertise in corporate accounting and finance, tax planning and legal structuring and the structuring and execution of M&A transactions. Her skills were instrumental in the groups acquisition, restructuring and successful transformation of Delta Motor Group and Mercury Technology.

    Elena is certified as a CPA in the USA and as an auditor by the Russian Ministry of Finance, and holds degrees in Accounting & Audit, and Engineering.

  • Elena Lokteva

    Elena Lokteva

  • Dmitry Razorenov

    | Managing Partner

    Dmitry's expertise focuses on the mining and private equity arena, having executing various investment projects in Russia and Africa.

    He is a Partner of Arlan (a private equity firm with gold and diamond interests in Russia and infrastructure projects in Africa) and formerly the Senior VP of VTB (a leading corporate, investment and retail bank in Russia).

    Dmitry initially developed his knowledge of private equity as Deputy Managing Director of AVVA (a Russian investment company established in the early 1990s). At AvtoVAZ Group, where he was on the Board of Directors, he was responsible for strategy development, investor relations and strategic partnerships.

    He has executed a number of highly successful mining M&A transactions, notably the sale of the Pogromnoe (Chita region) and Tabornoe (Yakutia region) gold mines to Severstal Resource and a joint venture with RusAtom for mining uranium in Africa.

    Dmitry is a Board Member of Dodoni, Executive Aircraft Sales and the IAL Group.

    He holds a Diploma in International Relations from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and a Diploma in Financial Management from the Moscow Financial Academy.

  • Dmitry Razorenov

    Dmitry Razorenov

    Managing Partner
  • Yuri Zektser

    | Chairman

    Yuri has particularly impressive credentials within the financial and industrial sectors and is an advisor to the Chairman of VneshEkonomBank, the Russian government's development bank. He was also a Board Member of NTB (National Trading Bank) a regional corporate and retail bank, prior to its sale to Globex Bank.

    Formerly the MD of AVVA, one of the first investment companies in Russia, he was also a long serving Board Member for a number of high profile organisations, including AvtoVAZ, Russia's leading automobile manufacturer, where he was responsible for strategic development.

    Yuri has effected several significant M&A acquisitions within Russia and Europe, most notably, the acquisition of a 40% stake in NTB by VneshEkonomBank. He played a pivotal role in creating the GM-AvtoVAZ-EBRD joint venture, the merger of EuroLada GmbH and DeutscheLada GmbH, and the joint venture between AvtoVAZ and Valmet Automotive for vehicle production in Finland.

    During his initial career in steel production, Yuri was a metallurgical engineer in charge of establishing a number of plants in both Russia and India.

    Yuri is Chairman of the SI-CP as well as being a Board Member of Delta Motor Group and Executive Aircraft Sales.

    Yuri holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Leningradsky State Mining Institute.

  • Yuri Zekster

    Yuri Zektser