SI has had a long-term and ongoing involvement in the food industry. Partners established and operated Wimm-Bill-Dann, the largest food-processing company in the Commonwealth of Independent States. WBD commenced operations with fruit juices but rapidly expanded by developing a highly successful dairy portfolio. Products included yoghurts, desserts and smoothies, cheeses and baby food. Within a relatively short period, turnover had reached in excess of 4 billion USD per year. A key driver of this success was innovation, effective marketing and continuous improvement and introduction of new products resulting in a substantial and positive impact on the value of the company. WBD was successfully listed on the NYSE and recently acquired by PepsiCo.

Continuing with a strategy of developing opportunities and creating value in the food industry, SI recently acquired a majority shareholding in Dodoni SA, a highly regarded dairy in the Epirus region of Greece. This company is an industry leader with a diverse portfolio of dairy products including fresh milk, Greek yoghurt and a variety of soft and hard cheeses. With state of the art manufacturing and packaging facilities Dodoni is the leading manufacturer and exporter of authentic Feta Cheese (PDO). The Dodoni brand is synonymous with quality and its award winning Feta is the number one selling cheese in Greece and well regarded in a number of export markets.